Amplifier board available - cheap


I have rebuilt my HF linear (case and all) and used a BLF-188XR.  Had smoked my previous amp board (AN-758) and just set it aside.  Hate to see it go to waste.  Keep in mind that it will need low pass output filters for the bands desired.
So, wonder if anyone would be interested in owning it... 
Asking $25 for the board, no shipping charge (Priority Mail) in the US lower 48, via PayPal  -  Needs new PA transistors, at least.

Minimum gain of the MRF429 is 13db.  For about 8 to 9 watts drive, should make at least 180 watts out.

See applications note (this board is one of the multiple boards shown in the note for a KW amp:

The kit info and downloadable info can be found at:
They sell the kit for $159.35 (including transistors)

Replacement PAs :   ($106 for matched pair)

The MFR429s must be replaced.  Other semiconductors (See * in image) must be checked and replaced if bad.
The bias regulator (Silver can in pix, is SG FTB016) operation should be verified before installing new PAs !   The regulator on board is a SG FTB016.   In the appnote schematic, the device is a MC1723.  See:     I am not certain, but suspect any pin compatible 723 regulator, in a TO-100 can package would work  -  If it needs to be replaced.

email me if any questions...
Woody  -  KZ4AK   (email good on QRZ)