V 6 - ufb RIG - enhancements #bitx20

HB9FIH <erich.rieder@...>

Today - after abt 1 year abstinent - I grabbed the uBITX V 6 - assembled 2020 January

For my CW (QRP) operating - It has modified with

- Nextion Desplay

- AGC from Kit Projects

- Audio Filter from Sotabeams (Laserbeam VARI)

- Audio Amp replaced and optimized (also LM-386)

The QRG is abt 50 Hz accurancy

Suddently the vertical (8.5m only) was tuned by CG-300 and I started to call. Makes 6-10 Watts

20 / 60 / 30 m todays CW QSO from HB9 to DL / G4 / F8 / IZ3 / OK2 / S57 

Its really a fine Radio - I am really satisfied,

Have now the idea to enhance the Audio part with a small amplifier. (for my QRP ears it's still too noisy) The choosen Module is the PAM8403 - STL-1109) first expirience done - seems much less noisy.

After success  will this also do with my uBITX V5
73 de Erich