uBitX - Replacement microphone

Sajid Rahum


Need help.  I am still awaiting my ubitx and piecing up all other pieces e.g. box, connectors ahead of getting the unit.

For the microphone, has any one used regular Baofeng/Wouxun hand microphone/speaker.  Any recommendation on other kind of microphones i can use non RJ-45 and associated connections I need to make for it.  I am open to using regular computer type of microphone as well if required.

Jerry Gaffke

Search for "baofeng" in this forum and you get dozens of hits, 
Here's one:

On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 07:52 am, Sajid Rahum wrote:
For the microphone, has any one used regular Baofeng/Wouxun hand microphone/speaker.


Sajid : 

I am using a Koss CS-100 Computer headset on my BITX40 with excellent results. These cost less than $US20. 
I have tried a couple of other inexpensive Computer Headsets and have found that with some the microphone is 
not sensitive enough for use with the BITX (i.e. output is very low). 

 I have also used a more expensive Yahama CM-500 that works very well.
The nice thing about computer headsets is that the non-USB models normally use 3.5mm stereo plugs for both Headphone and 
mic connections, making it easy to get jacks and to drill appropriate sized holes in your enclosure.


Michael VE3WMB 

P.S. For PTT I am using large momentary switch mounted in a plastic pill box with a 3.5mm stereo jack on the bottom. This allows me to 
use a normal 3.5mm audio cable to connect it to the rig. 

Sajid Rahum

Thanjk you Michael
Let me check your suggestion.


Issue would also be to find a combined (isolated) female panelmount jack for these mikes. If you don't want to modify the wiring. The PTT between the two sleeves wouldn't work as both sleeves are already grounded when using a metal casing.


Jason Schlager

You could mount the jacks from the kit into 2mm thick sheet of plastic. 
Jason Schlager


Problem is the mikes have a 2.5 and 3.5mm jack. I ordered some 2.5mm females, but didn't pay attention and I received the SMD type. The barrel from that is even shorter than the 3.5mm ones that came with the kit.

Have been browsing but so far haven't found a solution yet.

Unfortunate the Baofengs are not that cheap to harvest parts off it. ;)


Dexter N Muir

Look for an old sound card. Early ones had threaded ones much like their 1/4"/6mm brothers, later ones all-plastic board-mounted.

Jason Schlager