ubitx and MMTTY, anyone? #cat #v5 #v6 #psk31 #rtty

George Metaxas (SV1DEQ)

Has anyone used the ubitx with MMTTY?
I successfully copied RTTY signals using my ubitx v.5 (KD8CEC's firmware and a Nextion display) and MMTTY.
But when I tried to transmit I did not manage to have my ubitx switching to TX mode at all.
I would appreciate any experience shared.
73, George, SV1DEQ

Don - KM4UDX

George, the issue may be computer failure to send TX over CAT.  You'll likely have to double check USB/CAT configuration.

Alternative: use Fldigi to work RTTY.  There are lots of great configuration helps on the web for Fldigi and KD8CEC (aka CEC) firmware.  Once you get Fldigi configuration correct with USB/CAT working on your computer, Fldigi will let you do RTTY and a thousand other really interesting digital modes.