It Arrived


My uBitx V6 basic arrived a day earlier than estimated and I cobbled it together to check it out. It works great, even the mic works great. I haven't tried to make any contacts yet.
  I need to get a case for it and decide which, if any mods are needed. I know my old eyes would benefit from an upgraded screen, plus I think the Nextion screens make them look
so much better. I noticed it would probably benefit from an AGC on some really strong signals.

  I have a lot to think about, but this is one amazing radio, I am extremely happy. I am sure to have many questions for everyone as this type of radio is all new to me.

   Thanks,  Mike 

Justin Bowser - KI5GKD


Congrats!  I hope you have fun with it.  I am amazed at what can be done with 10 watts.  I have only been on the air with the BITX for a couple of weeks and I really enjoy it, I think I've only had my TS-520SE turned on twice during that time.

I have added the 3.5" Nextion screen which makes it look like a commercial radio although the stock screen is perfectly functional.

Have fun!


Justin B