V6 AGC options?

John Terrell

After installing a 3-toroid BCI filter (absolutely necessary near powerful broadcast stations) and a Nextion screen with a second Nano for the S-meter, and now I need to install an AGC in my uBitx v6. But there is a bewildering number of posts on the subject, and many of them are old and possibly obsolete. Some manufacturers are out of stock. One uses a chip on a Adafruit board. What’s the best solution?



 We hope to have more in stock very soon. We have hit some long delays in shipping of parts.

As for best? both the ND6T variant we sell and the Adafruit board work very well. Keep in mind the ND6T version is inline RF and the adafruit one from what I remember is on the audio out.

Another more recent option I have seen is a audio based version from kitsandparts.com (https://kitsandparts.com/AudioAmp.php)

I have not personally tested it with a bitx yet but have one to play with.



Shop is open!

John Terrell

I'd like to use you IF based board. I've heard good things about it and will wait.

Evan Hand


I have both the Kit-projects and the https://amateurradiokits.in/ agc.  Of the two, I prefer the kit-projects RF-based AGC.  I have not tried the third.



I could not get the ND6T AGC to work well in my v4, trying 3 different homebrew builds. I had great success with a photoresistor and led ago that is described in the files section. It is easy to integrate as it only interfaces across the volume control. It has a low parts count but one needs to locate a photoresistor with higher dark resistance than the potentiometer. It nicely squashes high level signals that are no longer annoying when tuning across the band. Only a few of us seemingly have implemented it, but found great satisfaction with it. I plan to add it to my qcx plus also.  

Most of these agc circuits can be constructed without a printed circuit board. See what parts you already have and try one of them.  It was easy to repair cut traces from the ND6T circuit experiments.  

Curt wb8yyy


Afternoon john!

If you are still looking the Kit Projects AGC for the V6 is now back in stock.

Tim Keller - KE2GKB https://shop.kit-projects.com