Pre-raduino, VCO Bitx40v3 wire-up instructions?


Hi, Everyone-
This is my first post to the group.  My Bitx40 was a Christmas gift from my XYL *last* Christmas(2016) and it's been sitting unopened since.  Recently it appeared that I may get radio time in quantities sufficient to get my rig together and working.  While I bought the raduino dds afterward, my base xcvr is built with the original box pets installed on the board.  When I looked on, the only instructions I could find refer to boards ready to mate up with the dds vfo.  I've looked in the messages, files and photos here for several hours without success.  Does anyone have soft copy of the original wire-up instructions they could e-mail me?  Thanks very much for any responses, and Happy New Year to all.
Ray, ka8syx
Stafford, VA