FOR SALE Ubitx ver 3 in nice metal case

Skip Davis

Frank are you looking for a complete in the case UBITX or will an un-assembled kit work?
I have a Ver3 kit here that I’m not going to build because I already have one together that I play with, unboxed of course. I’ve tested the two assemblies (main board and Raduino) and they are working.

Skip Davis, NC9O 

On Jan 19, 2021, at 18:53, kg9hfrank@... wrote:

Is it still available?  I am looking for a uBitz.

Frank, KG9H

Is it still available?  I am looking for a uBitz.

Frank, KG9H

Johnny AC0BQ

I also have the N8? Version of the AGC 
control unbuilt.
15.00 extra if you  buy the rig.

Johnny AC0BQ

Gm group
i bought this as a unfinished kit.
I put it together fired it up, upgraded it to
the CEC software.


It has the real nice blue metal case with several 
adaptor boards for IO ports.

It works as it should.
it needs to be calibrated, especially on band pass.

I have only tried it on CW so it does NOT have 
a mic.

I will take 100.00 plus shipping in the US.
shipping will be around 20.00 or 25.00 because 
of the size??

it would be a nice candidate for the ver 6 upgrade 
board, lots of Room!
pics on request to my email.
Johnny ACØBQ