V7 Suggestion

Bob Lunsford

I know that programming is limited to code limits but this would be a nice V7 attribute, to me anyway...

When going to Split, an option on the screen would be "A = B" or, in other words, the operating frequency could be copied to VFO "B" in case you only wanted move the second/transmit VFO only a small distance. I normally leave mine at some AM Broadcast frequency so I can go to a broadcast station almost instantaneously but this would give the option to go immediately to the VFO "A" frequency where it could be used for transmitting in VFO "B" while allowing the operator to tune in a station better, for example, while not moving the transmit frequency. I know that RIT can do the same but this would help not make the mistake of leaving the RIT engaged and also give more flexibility on receive.

When selecting Split, then, one could put the two VFO's on the same frequency and not have to dial in the same frequency of VFO "A"  which for me would be a saving of time. The code would only refer to another line where the frequency of VFO "A" is listed and would "probably" only require one line of additional code. (Don't quote me, I'm not a code writer...)

Bob — KK5R