memory manager

Mitchel Rought

trying to use memory manager to adjust the frequency of my ubitx v6, according to wsjt-x the frequency is off by -282.68hz, I had it roughly figured at approx. -300hz, 
I've adjusted the numbers but it doesn't seem to affect anything, is it a direct subtraction ?

Evan Hand

N8KZ worked out a spreadsheet to use with KD8CEC Memory Manager for calibration.

I have not tried it, just passing on the information.



Remember after each change you have to power down the ubitx and close memory manager

Mick VA3EPM 

Don - KM4UDX

If you don't see changes in uBITX freq error after you change the master cal in MM, then you need to fix the process problem first.

I just did the math, and for every 1 hz change you desire in the uBITX vfo display, you change the MM master cal by +/- 87.  

Is that coor or what?

  I have not tested or validated this notion, but it seems right based on my poor memory of what I did last year when trying to minimize my beloved uBITX freq display error via successive MM changes.