Changed v4.3 hex if anyone is interested...



Here the tuning section I wrote for the ubitx_v4.3_code.ino:

    if (s > 6)
      frequency += 1250l;
    else if (s > 2)
      frequency += 100l;
    else if (s > 0)
      frequency +=  10l;
    else if (s < -6)
      frequency -= 1250l;
    else if (s < -2)
      frequency -= 100l;
      frequency -= 10l;

73 and cheers,   Mark



I noticed on the original v4.3 firmware for the 2-line LCD display, that the tuning action was not symetrical when changing directions when tuning.   I looked into the code and it is indeed the case.  So I changed to code a bit to make the action symetrical, and I also change a bit the tuning rate steps and also the sensitivity from changing from one step to the other.

At the same time, I didn't like name for the menu selection "Band Select" since it doesn't select specific bands; so I changed the name to "Fast Tune".  Also, I felt like the speed was a bit too fast, and the knob was too sensitive to movement (when one went to deselect it, often the frequency would change unintentionally).  So I halved the speed and reduced the sensitivity a bit.

I have attatched the code here if anyone wants to try it.  I think the tuning works a lot better like this.

73,  Mark