Rig Control

Arv Evans

I am starting work on a rig control system for my uBITX and have a few questions......

Hamlib uses numbers to identify the rig that is being controlled, like this:
   133  Vertex Standard        VX-1700                 1.1             Alpha
   134  Yaesu                  FT-1200                 0.22.1          Stable
   135  Yaesu                  FT-991                  0.22.4          Beta
   201  Kenwood                TS-50S                  0.9             Untested
   202  Kenwood                TS-440               Alpha
   203  Kenwood                TS-450S                 0.9.1           Beta
The list is long:  https://sourceforge.net/p/hamlib/wiki/Supported%20Radios/

Which radio number is being used by those who are already working on rig control for the uBITX?
Are you using one of the already registered numbers, or have you adopted a new number that
will be the default number indicating a uBITX transceiver?

Is there a hamlib radio number for the BITX-40 as well as one for the uBITX?

There is a list of rig-specific notes, but it does not appear to be extensive. 
Should there be notes that specifically define the uBITX and its control features?

There are notes regarding the Si570 synthesis IC but not for the Si5351a.  Is there any advantage
in having the rig control software generate direct commands for the uBITX synthesizer, or is this
best left to be done by the built-in Arduino NANO?

CAT control stanzas are many and sometimes conflicting.  Would anybody be willing to share
their list of commands that have to be built into the rig control system, and the matching responses
that have to be built into the uBITX Arduino NANO software?

Using the idea that rig control may need to be bi-directional, with the rig being able to send
unsolicited information to the rig control system, is anybody thinking along this line, and are
there reasons why I should or should not do so?

Obviously there are more questions that will become interesting as I get further along with my
uBITX control system.  Thanks for any insight you might provide. 
As usual with my projects...laughter, derision, comments, and suggestions will all be graciously
accepted.   8-)


Hi Arv,

I've just got my Ubitx to to talk to GRIG, here is command that worked for me

grig --model=120 --rig-file=/dev/ttyUSB0 --speed=38400

also this page appears at the top of my Google search when looking for UBITX and GRIG  so this may be useful for someone else/future me when I have forgotten the options I need to use to make GRIG work...


Matt H


While on this topic:   I hooked up my V5 with CEC firmware to the PC, running WSJT-X and it seems that whenever the program picks a frequency on 40 meters (the only band I tried, admittedly, as I was there at the time) the software wants to choose LSB.   As we seemingly all run data on USB, is this a function of WSJTX?   My question is - does anyone else experience this with that software?   Does anyone else run that software into these radios?