nextion 3.5" wrong screen size

jan bruggeman

I've just got my nextion 3.5" screen working on my uBitx V3.

the .tft file I've downloaded from:
works fine as far as I can see now (which is not far ;-) )

however, I've first downloaded the file from github, and the ubtix_35.tft file contained therein does work but at a wrong (=smaller) screensize.

Where can I find the newest correct 3.5" tft file ?


jan bruggeman

that seems to be the same page as where I've got the working file from . Thanks for the info !
73's de ON4AIN - Jan

Evan Hand

Check out the links on this message:


Adam Allen

I just changed over to this firmware today and like it. But I noticed there isn’t an option to change the CW keying.  It is in Iambic A and the menu doesn’t have an option to adjust.  Depressing the encoder to get into that menu doesn’t have an option either.

Anyone else notice this? 


Adam Allen

Okay, I found it.  You have to turn Setup to “On” first, then you can access the CW Key settings. 


That may be my mess-up.  While resizing some things, a feature or two that I don't use, may have lost itself in error.  I'll revisit the files and resume learning.


Adam Allen

Hey if this is how it has to stay I’m happy with it.  For the last several months I was using the 1.20 cec with the 3.5 nextion and there was some functionality issues, so this is a welcome improvement for me.