Kalibratie opnieuw met V1.2 en Nextion


Okay Evan, thank you, i saw the "setup on" but didn't got any furter. So maybe push some longer, also gonna try this when this week.

Evan Hand

To do the BFO and calibration steps, I use the Yello Box menu system to get to the setup menu and make the adjustments.  That is a multistep process:
1 - you need to press the encoder to bring up the yellow menu box.
2 - rotate the encoder until you get to the "Setup On?" item
3 - press the encoder to turn on the setup extensions to the menu system
4 - press the encoder again to go back into the menu 
5 - rotate the encoder until you get to either the BFO or Calibration selection, depending on what you want to do.
6 - press the encoder to go into the calibration or tuning BFO function.

You then make the calibration or BFO tuning adjustments, press the push to talk button to save the values, wait 10 seconds or so to allow the values to be saved, and finally turn the radio off and then back on.  Repeat with different values until you get it as you want.

As I have stated in prior emails, record your values as you go, although with the KD8CEC and Nextion you can read the values in the Config page on the Nextion (NOT the Yellow box configuration screen).

I will apologize if I repeat myself.  Because of the way that the translation software appears to work, every message that you send is the start of a new thread.  The history of past messages gets lost.  If you continue to have issues it might be better to go to Private messaging.  You can do that at first by sending the message to the sender, or online by pressing the "Private" button instead of "Reply to Group".



Thx for thinking with me, but i didn't find the freq alignment not in the menu, i tryed the way from the builders firmware, so ush tuning knop until you see the menu, but in V1.2 i have only the menu in the screen on the left under. But didn't freq or bfo alignment?? So the search adventure is going on. Have to say that it is looking verry good. When it all works okay, ican begin to make a new frontpanel cause of wrong measuring of he seller. It pulls u the arduino print about 5mm ;-((