Graham W

Hi all.. 
I ordered one of the UbitXs' on the 20th. I know that a lot of people are looking forward to getting one and getting it up and going.
The design as far as I can tell is amazing. Sure as all get out you can't beat the price ! 
I have not received anything re the order, but I do have the Pay Pal receipt number.
Do they let you know they got the order? Hope so.
I am anxiously awaiting the setup so as I can get er' going.. 
Going to be a great spring project..
-73- Graham VE3WGW

Ben Vickery

I ordered one early today and was wondering if I would receive anything from the company.  I also have the PayPal receipt.  Mine should ship via DHL, I am anxious to get it.


Graham W

Because it is the " Christmas " period I think we will be waiting for a bit. Also from what I read they have SOLD OUT first run and the next run is in production.
I think these are going to be a spring time project for us all. I know we are all anxious to get the box. We will know when the yellow DHL delivery pulls up.


Graham :

Your emailed receipt from Paypal is your order confirmation.

You will get a subsequent email from Paypal with updated information including a 
tracking number from India Post, but only once your order has shipped. 


Michael VE3WMB