KD8CEC firmware upload question.

Ian Gerard

Is there anywhere online a tutorial step by step preferably that shows you how to install V1.20 to a Nano. I am having a real hard time with it and am obviously missing the point somewhere along the line. I am doing the Nextion 5 inch screen in a V6 ubitx
Any help with this one greatly appreciated.  Ian K3HQL


I don’t want to say anything wrong, but I believe that the CEC software only works on µBitx versions from 3 to 5.
For the µBitx V6 this is not yet planned. The V6 has an ILI9341 display.
The specialists can confide.

Evan Hand

The first question is how are you trying to load the software?  Using Xloader to load a hex file, or compiling the sketch using the Arduino IDE?

Ashhar Farhan did a video on upgrading a v6 software using the Arduino IDE here:

Note that his method uses the Arduino IDE.  That means you will need the "source" code from the GitHub repository.  You will also need to set the correct #Define for the v5 board (v5 and v6 are the same as far as the KD8CEC software goes).

I believe that there are tutorials in the Xloader GitHub download.  I would start there if you are trying to load the compiled hex file.

The 3 most frequent issues with loading a Nano are:
1 - Getting the correct baud rate - 38400
2 - When compiling not having all of the needed files in the same directory as the main .ino file and that the directory has the same name as that file (without the .ino extension).  For the KD8CEC software, the main .ino file is ubitx_20.ino in a ubitx_20 folder along with all the other files in the github download.
3 - Needing to use the "ATMega328p (Old bootloader)" processor.

Hope this helps.