Thanks Dr. Ian and all providing documentation and assistance with V6 and Nextion #firmware #nextion

Don - KM4UDX

Kevin, you can take Evan's proposed flow to the bank.

When I built my V4 I was sure I was smarter than this. Turns out I am not. Nor is most anyone. hahaha.

(feel free to check out my build on

The combination of uBITX with Nextion Screen makes a Dreamy Radio. Think of it as a FLEX6000 killer. hahah. 

I suspect that with the V6's new organic screen and some solution to CAT control,  the case for the Nextion screen is weakened a bit, but you will have fun in any case.


Evan Hand


Read this prior email from me:

Be sure to download the file from  Even so, I found the AGC and Audio amp installation directions to be rather cryptic.  The alignment instructions are clear.

One note: I installed a v5 board, not a v6, so do not know if you will have issues with jacks and controls on the v6 board.  I would recommend that you bypass these (remove them if possible) and use the provided front PCB and the wire jumpers from the Raduino and the mainboard to that board.  The v6 board does have the same control, audio, antenna, and power headers. so the wiring diagrams with those are close.

The best way to do the build in my experience is:
1 - Get the rig running stock outside of the case to make sure there are no issues with the basic operation.
2 - Upgrade to the KD8CEC and Nextion display outside the case and verify operation
3 - Install the boards in the case
4 - Get the Audio amp working. 
5 - Install the AGC

     NOTE: My v5 board has the same audio circuit as the v6.  The LM386 provided too much gain for the provided audio amp.  To solve that I bent pins 1 and 8 of the LM386 at right angle to the chip so they would not be in the circuit.  This drops the gain down from 200 to 20.  I then had to set the gain variable resistor almost to the minimum position to not get feedback or distortion.  I am looking at using a chipless header to plug into the LM386 socket and bypass the mainboard audio.  Jumper pins 3 and 5 on the header and insert it in place of the LM386.

Post to this thread if you run into issues or have questions.  That way we have the history of what has been done to your rig.

Good luck and have fun with the build!

Kevin Luxford

I am on course to fit a uBitx V6 into an enclosure for 5" Nextion from  I just want to thank all those who have provided useful documentation and software.  The 5" Nextion is in Sunil's enclosure, the Raduino is running on Dr Ian Lee's firmware and the Nextion is running on the tft file provided by AJ6CU.  The tuning control works as does the screen controls.  Now to find out how to connect Sunil's audio amp to the V6, then the AGC, etc.

Thanks guys - lots of fun for an old man!