FS: uBitx v5 w/3D printed case and AGC board #ubitx #v5

Doug Hall

I built this last year and have had a lot of fun with it. Time to do something else. It's a v5 with KD8CEC firmware, stock display, AGC board, and built-in speaker in a 3D printed case. It has a USB connector on the back for CAT and programming, and the mic element is mounted in a 3D printed mic case with a PTT switch. No issues that I am aware of. Happy to meet you on the air on SSB or CW if you'd like to hear it. I've also used it on FT8 with a simple homebrew interface. The AGC mod is nice especially when you are listening to an SSB roundtable with lots of signals of varying strength. Keeps you from being blasted out of the room when the 75M kilowatts fire up. NOTE: the paddle shown is NOT included.

I understand that there is a v6 out now, so I don't know what the v5 is worth. I'll sell it for the best reasonable offer, but I'd prefer to swap it for something of comparable value. I'm interested in most ham-related stuff. Not interested in trades of computer stuff. Let me know what you have to trade, and if all else fails cash would work too.

NOTE: The porta-paddle shown in the photo is NOT included.

Doug K4DSP

Richard West <rewest71@...>

Hi Doug,

Not sure if you’d be willing to trade a MFJ Pocket Morse Code Tutor, Model MFJ-418 with instructions that is in good shape. I have a V4 that met with a catastrophic end, and is in a ziplock bag, and will not to work again.  Though a HW-8 with HWA-7-A were bought, and now in for repairs as a substitute. Still like the flexibility of listening to SW broadcasts. My TS-440 is great for home use, but a bit much for RV transplant, and use. Please give it some thought. I’d appreciate a favorable reply. Thank you.


Richard ‘Wes’ 

Doug Hall

Wes, I sent a PM but not sure if you got it. In any event I already have one of the MFJ pocket morse thingys I got in a trade a while back.

Anybody have something interesting to swap for the v5?