AGC kits for uBitX V6



I was wondering if anyone has had experience with integrating either of the following two AGC kits into the uBitX V6?

IW4AJR Loris <lorisbollina@...>

Hello KC2TAU,
I do not know the AGC of amateurradiokits, because I have never tried it, but I know the ILER U-AGC that I tested on the ILER-40-M2 rig.
The AGC of ILER works practically like the AGC of kit-projects, the main difference is in the PCB, the ILER product is a generic type with discrete components, usable in any homebrew RTX, while the kit-projects module has a PCB specially designed to be inserted (with only one track cut) directly on the uBITX-V6 PCB and is built in SMD.
The price difference is minimal, but the version of the kit-projects is to be preferred simply because it was created specifically for the uBITX.
73 de IW4AJR Loris