v6 with a 7" Nexion nx80 #nextion #ubitxv6


Anyone try this screen yet?  before you ask I bought this screen a while ago original for the bitx40 v4 had some issues on the upgrade to take the screen and eventually had a meltdown  with the board.  

So I have the screen ideas for anyone who has hacked around with this screen.  Otherwise I'll start at Nextion as a starter.

Maybe a moot point if I don't get my transmit issue resolved.

Mark Hatch

There are some Nextion 7" screen software in the files section. Not sure if anybody has actually tried them out. Look under AJ6CU. But there may be others. Since the 7 is the same resolution as the 5", if 5" works on. v6, then the 7" should work too. (with the right firmware, the Nextion firmware is specific to the screen and enhanced/basic gpu), 



Works perfectly thanks for the info and the link to the TFT file/download locally.

Anyone else having issues downloading from the site.  When I try and download I get server restriction on all downloads.

Anyone have this TFT by chance?


Mike fixed the issue on the site, he needed to whitelist my IP from comcast.