Simples questions.


Hi Gerard,

The mic, phone, and CW jacks are all for stereo 3.5mm plugs.  The mic jack uses the tip connection for audio, the ring for PTT, and the shield for ground.  The phone jack wires the tip and ring both for audio, so a stereo headset must be used (or a mono set wired for a stereo plug).  The CW jack is stereo so that a paddle may be used if desired.

I don't recognize the schematic, what rig is that?  The AGC will depend on if you want IF or AF AGC.


Gérard <kabupos@...>

Hello to all,
Of which diametry are the plugs in facade of your µbitx? Model mono or stréréo
I don’t see much in the pictures, it looks like 3.5 mm, but I want to be sure.
Is it an standard?

For my construction, I would like to modify the amplifier part. I would like to add a switch to cut / put into operation AGC and also be able to control by potentiometer its effect. Can someone look at the amplificator schématic and tell me where to make the change.
Thank you