For sale: 2x unbuilt BiTX20 v3 + almost complete WA2EBY linear

Gerry Kavanagh

I have 2 BiTX 20  v3 board sets, one with full BOM to complete, and one just bare boards . Unbuilt, apart from PSU on one of the sets and the frequency display on the other.
Also an almost complete WA2EBY linear, inc. all inductors, caps, case heat-sink and 24v DC-DC convertor.

Board sets all from Sunil VU3SUA
Toroids & other cores from KitsandParts
Caps are NOS Russian mil-spec 1kv silver-mica

Linear build notes:
BiTX build notes:

These have been sitting untouched for a couple of years now, and it is *very* unlikely I will ever take them any further.
Looking for ~€70 for the lot.
EU shipping +€20
I can do global shipping, but the cost is likely to be €30 or more.

Photos below...
/ Gerry