Power fans from J1 #ubitxv6

Zac T

Can I tap 12v power from J1 just behind the power input to run a couple of fans?  Figure I'll just use the positive and negative terminal and skip the middle one.

Don - KM4UDX


A few notes:

1) when I added a expensive low noise top quality high volume fan, I got paint all over the waterfall on all my favorite bands.  The RF hash/noise was "substantial".  It was easy to off => noise off, and fan on => noise on. When I replaced the high priced boutique fan with a $2.99 cheap-o-fan, the noise stopped, and the air flow continued.

2) You may yearn for a more sophisticated approach where the fan only runs on TX. Which of course is only logical. Avoid that line of thinking. Your hard wired fan is now a nice adjunct to your power on light. Fan on => power on.