AJ6CU 5 inch enhanced nextion file question.

Evan Hand

To the best of my knowledge, the KD8CEC Nano firmware on the Raduino is based on the uBITX version, type of display, how and what is connected,  and not on the size of the Nextion display.  You should be able to select the file from Dr. Lee's Github page:

Please read the FileNameInfo.txt file in the corresponding zip file that matches your version uBITX to help in picking the correct one.  There are really only 2 versions of Nano code: 1 for pre-v5 uBITX, and 1 for v5 (also works with v6).


Ian Gerard

Could anyone tell me what version of the firmware I need to install in the raduino in order to use AJ6CU,s 5 inch Nextion files?

Sort of learning this Arduino thing as I go along and want to make sure I get it right.

Also a big Thank You to the guys who give so freely of their time and wealth of knowledge to help others. It is much appreciated.

Thanks and you all stay safe and well.    Ian K3HQL