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Can any one explain this 

Evan Hand

I would need more detail than just the picture of a white screen.  I could be that the tft file was not loaded (assuming as the #nextion suggests).  It could also be that the Nano program does not match the Nextion tft file.

To test the tft file, supply only power to the Nextion, do not connect the yellow or blue wires.  You should get the home screen with zeros in the frequency display.  If not, then reload the tft file.

I do not have an easy way to verify the file that you loaded into the Nano.  If the above tests OK, I would make sure I have the correct Nano file to load that matches the display.  There are Arduino (.ino or Hex) for the "basic" and "enhanced" Nextion displays, and they are different.

The above is my best guess.