Receive Noise with USB #cat


Hi Group
I have an Ubitx V.5 working well. One problem I found is that when I
connect an USB cable to my Ubitx from the computer for CAT control,
my receive level noise increases substantially. I have an USB cable that
is well shielded for RF and the cable has a ferrite bead on each end. The
Ubitx is well grounded. Maybe I'm expecting too much for a under $200 rig.
You can only ask. Hi Hi.... Any suggestions would be welcomed.
Thanks in advance

Erwin - PE3ES - F4VTQ

What pc screen or laptop screen do you have Doug? These LCDs produce a lot of noise close to a receiver . Even when in stand by and also when plug is still in power outlet when switched off .
PE3ES - F4VTQ - Erwin


Hi Erwin
Thanks for your reply. You are correct... I did change the monitor and that reduced the
noise somewhat..
The real problem was that the PCB board that had the female USB-b socket mounted on
it did not ground the shield of the socket.
When I found that, I ran a chassis ground to the shield and the receiver quieted with the usb
plugged in...
I think that will fix the problem..
Thanks for your response and help, Erwin.