v6 lock up (one way of spelling it!!)


Dave, my V6 was doing exactly what your is when I first put power to it.  Then I found out I had the encoder connected to the board and not to the arduino.  You may have checked that but it was not clear in the build directions and I know others have hooked it up wrong too.  The connector on the arduino and the board are the same (I'm not sure what the one on the board is for....remote USB ?)
Newbie but getting there, Russ


many thanks evan

Evan Hand


We are now into territory where I cannot provide a lot of help.  We will need to wait for someone else with a v6 to chime in. I would check that the screen is plugged into the Raduino board correctly, as well as the encoder.  Also check the solder connections on the encoder.  There should be a ground connection on the center pin of the 3 pins side.

You could try testing the encoder out of the rig with an ohmmeter.  Should be able to see off and on states as you turn the encoder for each of the two inputs.  This could also be done with the power on, provided you can get to the contacts to measure the voltage.  It should vary between 0 and roughly 5 volts.

I have no experience with the touch screen on the v6.  The touch screens that I am using on my v4 and v5 rigs are Nextion with a single serial connection and a built-in controller.

One more suggestion; do not post a new topic if you are still working on the same issue.  For those like me, we read through the history of the topic before trying to answer the question or provide an opinion.  If you post with a new topic each time that history is hard to follow.  For any follow-on comments, just reply to this topic.



Having read Evan Hands input to my problem for which i thank him and other contributors  here goes      the v6 will turn on  and light up   screens shows mode bands    available frequency   and keyer speed 12wpm  690 hz   plus version no 6.1         audible hiss from speaker  but no response from rotary encoder     if set is turned on while the rotary encoder is held down the screen shows "click on the cross" but does not  respond      the pre installed software has not beeN changed it is as is from hfsignals    the set is running on 12v and shows just under  0.4 on an amp it does receive a signal on the frequency  as shown on the screen a vfo  7035.00      if the key is plugged in there is no response to it or the mike when operated      when keyed the a speaker hiss is also not interupted by mike or key and there is  no increase of current draw either         so now where next  any ideas  most welcome                  many thanks  dave c   GW0NVF