Reed's latest uBITX software on CW

Jim Sheldon

Nice Job Reed,
I finally got a good build of your last. Got it calibrated exactly using my 10 MHz GPS disciplined oscillator and a 111 dB attenuator. Just got done working an old friend, Art, KA9ZAP on 40 meters using my uBITX test set. He was exactly on 7.022.000 both on my Elecraft K3S and the uBITX V6 and when I had him tuned in, matching the sidetone to his incoming tone, I watched the CW TX frequency on my K3S/P3 (panadapter) station rig. The CW TX carrier was dead superimposed on his, both with USB and LSB selected (yes they do switch, I can hear a change in background noise to confirm that as well.

Again, finally someone other that our TSW group has gotten the CW TX frequency right as it should work and does on all normal transceivers (QRP OR QRO/Commercially built).

Got to admit I like the "Gear" indicator for the setup menu. Might have to have our programmer "steal" that one - LOL.

Jim Sheldon,

Reed N

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the confirmation! I've PM'd you the details of the icon to make it easy to "steal" :)