TSW's T4_V1.04 software BUG! #ubitx #v6

Jim Sheldon

One of the users of our Teensy 4.0 to NANO adapter caught a serious bug that got past me in Alpha Testing.  Somehow the microphone PTT got disabled during the addition of features.  This has now been corrected and a new release version (V1.041) has been posted to the files section on the TSW website, .

If you have one of our Teensy 4.0 to NANO adapters and have loaded V1.04 to your Teensy 4, please download V1.041 and use that instead.

Apologies from the TSW team for the inconvenience and thanks for trying our product(s).

For the TSW development team,
Jim Sheldon, W0EB
TSW Project Coordinator

Jim Sheldon

A couple more bugs cropped up during user testing of the V1.041 fix and V1.042 has now replaced it on the website.  Hopefully, the can of RAID we sprayed on this one will have killed the nasties this time instead of just putting them to sleep.

Please discard 1.04, 1.041, download and start using TSW_T4_V1.042 .  We apologize again for the crazy problem(s) that inadvertently cropped up.

73 to all and again thanks for bearing with us and using our software (and hardware).

Jim, W0EB
TSW Project Coordinator