BITX40 kit.

Wayne Leake

 I bought a bare
 board, through hole board set,and a parts kit from Sunil. Boards ar for BITX40, but can be used for 20 meters,and other bands. A matter of changing VFO frequency and winding some coils differently.
 I will say it is not really a beginners project. Mine will be a BITX20 when I get it done.
 I have 2 of Farhans BITX40's, one just pre Raduno, so no need for a 3rd.
 Sunil did have a couple of other kits, have not looked at his site for a bit.
 I like building things, always have.
 I purchased a case that will hold my BITX20 and amp/power supply board.
 Have an aluminium case that one BITX40 will go into, undecided on the other.
 Check out Sunil's website.

 Wayne WA2YNE