Finding information on Ian KD8CEC CEC firmware made easy #ubitx #smeter #calibration #nextion

Erwin - PE3ES - F4VTQ

To refind all the very interesting information Ian has created I ordered some of it in a simple text document with links to his blog

hopefully others find this helpful as well.

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new IF band filter array
more gpio when using i2c display here needed for extra lp filters with relays
combining many updates
Changed from version 1.08
 major feature improvements
 - Support Nextion LCD, TJC LCD
 - Read & Backup uBITX, ADC Monitoring, ATT, IF-Shift and more on Nextion LCD (TJC LCD)
 - Factory Reset (Both Character LCD and Nextion LCD are applicable)
 - Support Signal Meter using ADC (A7 Port)
 - Support I2C Signal Meter
 - Spectrum
 - Band Scan
 - Memory Control on Nextion LCD (TJC LCD)
 - Speed Change CW-Option on Nextion LCD
 - Fixed Band Change Bug (Both Character LCD and Nextion LCD are applicable)
 - uBITX Manager removed the Encode and Decode buttons. The procedure has become a bit easier.
 - I2C Device Scan on uBITX Manager ( Both Character LCD and Nextion LCD are applicable)
 - Si5351 I2C Address can be changed
 - Recovery using QR-Code Data from Server
 - Nextion LCD and TJC LCD can display Spectrum and CW Decode (using Stand alone S-Meter)
 - Other Minor Bugs solved
Details with the sub-updates
Version 1.80
Version 1.94
Version 1.95
Version 1.97
The stand alone signal analyzer/i2c S meter
Using the Nextion lcd
uBITx Calibration
PE3ES - F4VTQ - Erwin