Ryan Flowers

Yep, it was hard to see that go! But there is more on the horizon from another vendor. Details on my site:

Ryan Flowers - W7RLF
Multi Band BITX40

John Cardoso

I have decided to sell y BITX40. It is all assembled in an aluminum case (10"x10"x3.5") with lots of space to add new add-on projects you may decide to do related to the radio. The pictures follow. I am asking US$75 + shipping for the whole thing (power module included). If you are interested please let me know. (ve9pct@...)


On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 1:12 PM YO8UFO <gonewiththeego@...> wrote:
Hello! I was surprised these days to see that Bitx40 is no longer available for sale. I was almost crying... I had a very good experience with uBitx in past and Bitx40 supose to be my new project for New Year. I do admit that uBitx is overwhelming me. I like Bitx40 much more because of the simplicity of the board. My level of understanding electronics is minimal but somehow I feel like Bitx40 is something I can fully understand if I try hard enough. Is there ANY chances to find one in this community? I do appreciate all the answers, guys! YO8UFO.


OM in YO

Hang in there as rig building opportunities will come. Watch for QSX or get a QCX. Farhan explained the greatly diminished sales. There always seems to be a rig opportunity over the horizon.

Curt wb8yyy