BITX20A board finished (report JL1KRA)


Hi all,

Received my BITX20A last October, I started work in January.
Spending several weekend spare time, finally I completed
the board yesterday.

When I saw the kit first, it was formidable one including
many toroids to be wound and many discrete parts. But
I was encouraged by messages in this list and helped
by additional works as follows.

An original assembly manual in is well written
step by step instruction. In this manual, mount of parts
are separated into small section and minimize human error.

N7VE's Enhanced build note is another good instruction to be
printed. This note includes nice close up pictures.
Seeing two manuals, I understand what should be done
next correctly.

Adjustment is clearly seen in videos now. PA adjust video and
basic alignment video (KC0WOX) are my first experience
learning how to adjust rig from forerunners. Image training
with the video avoid blow IRF-510 MOSFETs by over current.

As for BITX20A kit itself, though there are a few hundred
parts, it is amazingly perfect since there was no missing parts
and no extra parts. Doug's is doing excellent work.

Overall, started from Ashhar's design, the bitx20 is the most
educational QRP-SSB kit for me.
I really thank this community providing such good kit and
supported works.

When I completely finished alignment and enclosure works
I will post my BITX20A picture.

Junichi Nakajima

R. R. Robson

Great, Junichi! Hope to see your pix soon. I still have not begun mine, still fighting issues and problems in my softrocks and my firefly.
73 de Robby WB5RVZ


--- In BITX20@..., "R R Robson" <rrrobson@...> wrote:

Great, Junichi! Hope to see your pix soon.
Yes, please take pictures!

I too have to finish other work, an SB-303 with a bad LMO. This is an
easy fix but it takes time to get the LMO out, replaced, and then
align the drive mechanism.

de ah6gi/4