Awaiting for µBITX #ubitx-help


Hi Everyone!
I'm radioamateur from Poland and now waiting for µBITX (is already in Poland at the customs office). 
I read the article on and I wonder if there are any topics here that I should read. 
And I would forget if there are any users from Poland here? 
Greetings from Poland
Przemek SQ6PNO

Dennis Beverage

Hello Przemek,

and welcome to the Bitx community.  It is good to see that you want reading material on the ubitx.  If you will note that at the top of the every page in this forum is a link to the  Click on the link and it will take you to a page where you will find a huge mass of communications discussing just about everything you could imagine about all of the Bitx radios.  It will take you weeks to review all of it, but anytime you have a question start by logging in and going to this page and use it to look up the subject you need help with.  

Secondly, read/review this group email daily.  There is so much stuff discussed in these daily reports it will keep your head spinning, AND provide you with a great deal of direction in assembling your Bitx.  I don’t spend a lot of time talking with other users here, but I read everything every day, and believe me, if you do likewise you will become a fountain of information on your radio and and also learn a lot about amateur radio in general.

73’s to you and just have fun.