Nextion 35tft file loaded smaller in size on my 35 display?

KN4SMO <dtb2greenville@...>

I am trying to load the Nextion file on the screen without having the radio built.

I was able to load the file for the 35 display but it displayed smaller than the 35 physical screen size.

So I decided to load the next size up file, but Nextion wants me to delete the loaded file. How is that accomplished?

Will the file that is loaded adjust once it is connected to the built radio? I doubt it but I have to ask the question.  Do I make a adjustment to the loaded file for it to display properly?

Please, and Thanks!

Sam Tedesco

The files provided by 'CEC are only properly sized up to 2.4" or 2.8" screens. If you go to the left on this page, you'll see a "Files" folder. Search thru there for a properly resized 3.5" tft

KN4SMO <dtb2greenville@...>

Hi Sam,

That was like pushing the easy button at Staples! 

Do I use the nextion editor and a USB to TTL adaptor to extract the smaller display file?