V5 firmware calibration

Maurice Bersan <Vk6hly@...>

I got my UBITX V5 up and running today but I find the displayed dial frequency is off. Can someone help out with a step by step calibration setting guide for the V5?I can only find a guide for the earlier version firmware which appears to be different. By the way WWV is a no show around here so I can't use it for calibration.
Thankful for any help.

Evan Hand

It has been a while since I did the calibration of my v5, so please check and record changes as they are made.

1 - You will need a dummy load for the calibration of the stock v5 as it transmits a 10MHz signal in the calibration process.
2 - You need a calibrated receiving device capable of receiving the 10 MHz signal.  This can be another receiver that you know to be accurate, or a frequency counter.  I used my Icom IC-7300 to calibrate mine.  It also worked with an inexpensive frequency counter connected to a short piece of wire.
3 - The process is then to put the uBITX in the calibration mode using the encoder, and adjusting until you have a zero beat on the receiver, or the correct frequency on the frequency counter.
4 - Press the encoder when the frequency is correct, and then power cycle the uBITX to use the new value.
5 - I used a free PC audio spectrum analyzer software with a mic to adjust the BFO.  Tune to a clear, static only frequency on the uBITX, and then adjust the BFO until the spectrum is sentered between 500 and 2500 Hz.

I would suggest waiting for one of the experts in this group for more, or better, explanation of the process.


Maurice Bersan <Vk6hly@...>

Thanks Evan, couldn't be much clearer than that


Hi Maurice

Sounds like you up and running, do you have a ant for 80M? where is your QTH?






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Thanks Evan, couldn't be much clearer than that




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