GOT IT WORKING including the BFO numbers.Calibration #calibration


Attached please find my final cal numbers, i used the memory manager for the master cal tweaks by entering the corrected numbers directly into the display box for the calibration after i up loaded the current values from the MBITX radio then I down loaded changes and closed comm port and disconnected the USB cable. Did this till the MBITX freq display matched and tracked the display on of my KX2 radio. The BFO numbers were generated directly by cranking the numbers for best sounding audio using V1.2 CEC firmware in the MBITX radio.

Also I edited my spreadsheet calculator to handle ABS difference between freq displays, I have not tested it, because my KX2  measured freq was always higher in value than my MBITX displayed value. 

You can test it and fix it if it does not work and pass it along to the group. Have fun..............

73 CU Later on the Bands....I am moving along now to install AGC control, 700 hz filter and tuning indicator..
I installed a BCI filter that I got off Amazon from 2.6 MHz HPF Broadcast AM reject filter. I removed the filter board from it's case and wired it to the MBITX board works great! It's wired between the antenna relay and the receive relay K2 low power RX connection gonna install my AGC control in the same line..

Dave N8KZ


OK have update my calculator again to include USB and LSB master calibration numbers.

Now on v5......last change all appears to work..... make sure you keep written record of your changes so you can change back to a know starting point if you type in the wrong numbers.