the mighty uBITX wispers loudly (as in WSPR digital mode) in 4th place for 2 way spot reports #antennas #cat

Don - KM4UDX

We all love our uBITX.  Did you know the uBITX makes a wicked good digital mode beacon station using WSJT-X's cool beacon mode called WSPR? Well it does.  We have a uBITX tied for 4th place in world-wide 2 way spot reports.  Note that the other folks in the top seed have expensive professional gear and full power. Our uBITX is running with the bulls and keeping pace with only moderate/QRP power.

Sterling performance credit goes to the CEC-based CAT control, WSJT-X's ability to direct band hops, and the generally excelent TX and RX performance of the uBITX design. On RX in particular, the uBITX has proven to be a world class receiver of digital modes -- the rig has very good ears and audio circuits. 

Here are the top 10 in deceding order of 2 way spot reports. The mightly uBITX is in 4th place (km4udx).  The number of 2 way reports per band is shown next.  Clearly the uBITX will work on more bands, but my antenna is the limiting factor.  For example, last month I worked 160 with my 80-10 DIY OCFD.  While the SWR was about >34,857, I kept the power down to 1 watt, and got a handfull of 2 way spot reports at medium distance. So 160m with no low pass band filter and no real antenna is no reason not to communicate. hahah. 

All hail the mighty wispering band hopping uBITX!

Yes I have cherry picked the data, but I get to do that. hahah