JackAl uBitx Backetcase FS


Officially throwing in the towel on this one. Gone through several expensive 5 inch displays and even had one of the designers add a protection board to yet another new display. The display (or the protection board) failed in a puff of smoke within minutes of trying out the repaired display. The uBitx never stopped receiving just the display failed. However, I refuse to spend another dime or hour on this project. I've built many radios at least as complicated such as 2 all-SMD mcHF radios without such headaches.  

I'm not blaming anyone but just moving on.

So selling it as a case with mostly working parts just to salvage some value from this venture. What is included is a fully built, tested and working JackAL board, and working and tested V3 uBitx board, 2 encoders, push button, 3 stereo jacks, volume pot with on/off switch and a possibly repairable 5 inch display with protection board that failed at it's task, and the steel case I mounted it all in.

I'm asking $145 which includes shipping (US only). This is about the price of a uBitx board by itself. 

Please respond off the list direct to my email.  I will not be checking back here.  Email is  pmeier @ me . com