Ubitx v5, nextion 3.5 display, AGC, and 3d printed case for sale

Brent D

Excellent, thanks so much! 


The case is from thingiverse, I only made the front panel for the larger screen.  I'll see if I can find the file.

Brent D

Can you link me to that case? I printed this one (link) but I'm getting electrical interference from the cable (I think). I couldn't find any other case that supports a 3.5 screen... most seem to be 3.2

Everything else I printed looks very similar apart from the face, so hopefully I'll only have to print the face and not the whole case.

Thanks much!!


Looking for 180 shipped and will include any unused parts.


Selling my Ubitx V5

Just not using it, so figured it could go to a better home.

Has the Kit projects AGC installed (it is hard wired for the slow setting)

Has a custom interface on the display that I laid out myself (Looks like most others just updated graphics)

Case is 3d printed but isn't 100% perfect, but still very nice.  

None of the wires have been shortened so if you want to change the case there is plenty of leads on all the connectors.

It's a project so it's not perfect and it's never done but I figure you understand that!