Items For Sale uBITX V4 new -plus #ubitx #filters

Lawrence Macionski

Also posted (with pictures) on ONLINE SWAP MEET.
W8LM-For Sale, this is all uBITX related stuff. FOR SALE - uBITX V4 new in box- with AGC & T/R pop boards from K5BCQ (no longer available. AND - universal case DA grey for uBITX. Also new in the box. Entire package paypal shipped CONUS. All for $225 paypal shipped CONUS. Last weekend at a hamfest I found a FT-817 estate sale which does everything and more but was more $$$. PM me or use my email address. Pickup less- QTH near, Wichita, KS.

I also have VK4PP bare boards---

3 each VK4PP RaduinoI2C Board it has PTT pop fix built in. $10

3 each VK4PP BITX audio break out boards. $4

3 Each VK4PP 3.5 mhz high pass filter board for BC QRM $3

3 Each VP4PP LM 386 based 200 Hz CW filter..$4

VK4PP is currently all SOLD OUT except audio breakout.

PAYPAL CONUS only! Contact my email.

1 each of all 4 boards - $20 paypal. USPS 1st class mail.

Mark Hatch

I will take 1 of each if that offer is available.

Paypal address?


Andrea KC0LKV

Would sale the case alone?

Mark Hatch

I was offline yesterday. Did these items end up being sold?