Catching Up #firmware


I had to set aside my uBitx project since last Summer. Picking it up again, I want to add the SWR sensor to my 4.3 Nextion Display. I am currently running firmware version 1.095. Do I understand correctly that I need to upgrade to at least 1.097 to get the I2C Type Stand Alone Signal Analyzer Firmware V0.7+ necessary for the SWR display to work? If so, does 1.097 or newer still support the 4.3 Nextion Display (i.e., Nextion NX4827T043)? I cannot find any documentation regarding this. Thanks for any help the group may offer.

David Posthuma. WD8PUO

Mark Hatch

David lists a 4.3 Nextion file for the latest version of kd8cnc ‘s software. But I suspect you already saw this

i had had assumed everything was fine with the existence of the 5” file. But later found out that it was basically the 2.8 compiled for the 5” with scaling. (Hence the investment I made into getting the 5” updated) 

one thought would be to be to load the 4.3 that they provide (need the hmi file) into the Nextion editor and see if it was scaled and each page was the proper resolution for a 4.3 or just a smaller size compiled for the 4.3. 

I could get to this next week after the holidays if you would like. Just need pointer to the hmi file to look at. 


Mark Hatch

My comment on the 5” should have been a 2.8 *without any scaling*