V5 - Nextion Screen not work but very little ?

Hi all, just need some input to verify my problem suspicions (chinese clone screen) or not . I am not sure how all this works completely so there could well be something else amiss. Below is what I have set up and all works fine except the screen ?  The frequency shows correct and changes with the tuning knob and HRD. RX and TX change as they should, but that is all that works. I can change screens etc. but no changes made or actually conveyed to the radio. Thanks in advance for any and all help, advice, and pointers..

uBitx V5 Board
KD8CEC 1.2 Software
Nextion 3.5 Enhanced (chinese clone)
Sam Tedesco - ubtix_35_complete_Enhanced.tft


Sam Tedesco

Hi Chuck,

Some items in the menu require additional hardware. Can you populate the cw info in the cw menu?

I can, but still no change anywhere is accepted when press ent or other key for acceptance of change made, I suspect the nextion may be bad ...

Changes to cw speed and others a changed via the uBitx manager and or using them menu when pressing the encoder knob, but no setting can be set using the screen, I can access all the screens etc. but can not save or recall memories etc. 

The changes made by the screen change the nano memory ??  The frequency displays correct and changes with the encoder, but that is almost the extent of what the screen seems to change. Have reloaded and reloaded again software to the nano and screen both the s and non s meter ver. 

Sam Tedesco

Wiring? First 6 pins, left to right of the display plug?

Sam Tedesco

Black, red, none, blue, none, yellow?

Wiring as you stated. Please more thoughts,,
thanks so much


Sam Tedesco

I'm not quite sure which version of the tft you got. Could you search "Ted" and download the tft from there? I think Ted made a few personalized adjustments, but it looks complete to me. Also, are you sure you have the enhanced nextion and not the basic?

Hi Ted,  Thanks for all the help you gave. I finally have solved the problem. Thinking the blue and yellow wires were the transmit and receive lines I checked them with the old trusty DVM and sure enough the blue wire or connection on the screen was reading about 2 ohms to ground, should have been closer to 2.5 meg ohms. Swapped out with my cracked test screen and the functions below the crack worked, and verified the 2.5 meg ohm reading on this screen. Wounder about warranty in china???? :)
chuck 73