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Albert Peter

Hi everyone,

There have been several inquiries regarding the displays used on the JackAl board for uBITX.  Display technology for microcontrollers is rather complex and very dependent on having the right combination of display, controller chip and, most importantly, a set of graphics libraries for that micro-controller and display.


JackAl was designed to be used with a very specific high resolution TFT touch display, for which there are reliable libraries.  For instance, it will not work with the Nextion series of displays as configured.  The software would have to be significantly rewritten to use these other displays.


In the process of designing JackAl, we looked at a number of display options and determined that the ones specified from will do the job.  We have not tested any other displays with the final software, other than those specified from  We know those work and the supplier appears to be reliable.  Any other displays have not been qualified to work.


Hope this helps with some of the JackAl display questions,





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I don't think JackAl will work with the Nextion display. They are very different displays.


Jack, W8TEE



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I am tech challenged on programing NANO


I have the V4 bd and will be adding the JackAl bd on top with a Nexton 7 inch screen


Could you please advise to software and could you help me on loading software.


I will be ordering extra bd's.  Would you load the needed software to the V4 and JackAl when software is up.


I am willing to pay for you for you time and help.


Alan Kessler  WB2BQK

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Hi All,
I wound up ordering 25 of these from Banggood and they arrived yesterday (1/15/2019).  I use these to supply new, pre-programmed NANOs with the Raduino Clone board kits I sell and I programmed a number of them yesterday with Farhan's V4.3 software.  They use the CH340 USB Interface, and require the "Old Bootloader" to be specified when programming via the Arduino IDE but they all programmed properly with no errors apparent. 

Having VIP status at Banggood from previous orders, I got these 25 for under $2 apiece.  Took about 3 weeks to get here using their standard shipping but worth the wait as far as I'm concerned. 

They don't have the "NANO" or V3 marking on the ones I got but comparing them with ones I've bought through Amazon for $3.50 apiece, the parts layout and what markings on the parts I can read are the same.  They do work and come with the pins but not soldered in place so if you need replacement NANO's and can wait for the slower shipping, it's a good deal.

Jim - W0EB