First time startup

John Plaster

Looking for some insight from the group as where to look.
I assembled my unit, checked all connections, and turned it on. All I am getting on the display is "CW 7.150", no audio and no action with the encoder. The mic and speaker are attached and even attached a Bencher. The software is original from uBitx.
Thanks for any help.


Just assembled mine, had a faulty joint on encoder. Check it as I suspect it is associated with no tuning. Display is sign much is working. Once tuning is working, the work the audio. Rig does not have lots of excessive gain, so do advance the volume control. On my board the bfo was way off, so search for tune up instructions.



It appears to me that your rig is coming up in transmit. I would take a look at the line for the CW key. Maybe something is not right with the 4.7k resistor that is supposed to be connected, or maybe that line is open. I was able to duplicate your problem by holding down the CW key and powering on. 

John Collins

Make sure your raduino is not one pin out on the main board. There are 16 pins and 17 holes. As you face the radio, the furthest left-hand pin goes into the furthest left-hand hole. If together with your other problems, you can’t transmit, this might be the cause.