raduino connections on bitx40

terry hughes

hi the wire up instructions talk about the top side and the bottom side but which is top and which is bottom

it says to connect the 5 pin to the bottom side - is that the 16 pin connections and if it is which end are the 5 pins to connect
i am confused

terry gm4dso

Timothy Fidler

This any help -??

it is copied from elsewhere on Git hub and show pin designators....  Prolly should be in the other place...

Doug W

If yours has 16 pins along the bottom you got a raduino configured for the µBITX.  The BITX40 raduino has 8 pins on top and 5 on the bottom.  Except for the pins the hardware is the same and you can use it for the BITX40.  You probably have to load the correct sketch.  I don't remember off the top of my head how to connect it but you should be able to find other posts with instructions as this has happened before.

terry hughes

thanks for help - all working now

terry gm4dso