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Jay - WS4JM

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N4ISF DE KG4HLZ. I'm just down in Madison, AL (near Huntsville). Just got mine in the mail as well. If I can get some time to put it together, we might try to set up a QSO. I'm already starting to think if moods.

Bruce KG4HLZ  


Hi Y'all;  I'm Reuben Titus, N4ISF. Middle TN.   A friend told me about the uBitx so I ordered one yesterday. Figure I will try it for home/portable/mobile,  maybe tie in a tube amp for home use, maybe build me a solid state amp for portable if the power source is good for it,  or not if it's limited to a small battery.   I have a Heathkit 80-100 watt all tube transmitter I started with as novice around 1980 if it still works, (it was old then)  it was an AM-CW only unit but could do SSB with external signal input.   As original it had a drifty tube VFO with crystal option, and the HQ145X receiver that I used was very drifty as well.     Most of my electronics education was early 80's style on back,  the 1982 ARRL amateur handbook was my reference book,  I wore it out and still use it. Spent a lot of time with the QST magazine issues from the 1930's to 80's that I found in a library.     Haven't kept up with modern stuff very well,  but I can try.  And I've been foolin with various things over the years and picked up enough test equipment to play with stuff a little, oscilloscope,  capacitance/inductance meter, signal generators,   etc.  Mostly doing stuff like weird versions of brushless DC motors, making my own electric fence chargers and electronic ignitions for old vehicles,  etc.    So.   New project to get me a working transceiver again.  The kenwood TS820 I have started having issues a while back so I've been thinking of finding something else, something I can carry around and mess with easier.   The 820 likes to stay put (heavy) and the interior is so packed it looks like a challenge to fix. And a bigger challenge to figure out why it's doing what it's doing,  throwing in excessive interference on the received signal and kicking the digital readout off at the same time.    Think I'll put it on ebay sooner or later,  it might sell for enough to recover the cost of the uBitx. since I see a nonworking one on there now that's bid to over $100.