Does anyone have an AGC/Click kit to sell?

Chuck K5IJD

Kees says he is out of stock.

If you have an extra, let me know & I will contact you to work out the details. 

73's DE Chuck K5IJD


Hi Chuck,

I have a set of each I'll sell you, please contact me at my email address.



I need one as well if there is anyone else out there with an extra one.


Ion Petroianu, VA3NOI

I made some AGC boards for myself. Both TH and SMT. They use Don's schematic but a different layout than Kees used to offer.
They come in panels of 10 TH and 12 SMT. One panel is $3 plus postage.
Postage is expensive and slow from Canada. Bob Lebund got a panel from me and it was $11.50 to mail that one panel.
If you need some I still have 7 SMT panels and 10 TH panels.
You will have to supply the components.
Files showing the PCB and schematic and BOM for TH are here:


Ion Petroianu, VA3NOI

Sorry, the postage was $8.50, total cost was $11.50


Ben Holmes

I'm looking for both boards too... email me with a price!

Ben Holmes

Nick VK4PP

August Treubig <atreubig@...>

I am interested in 2  AGC boards

Eddie Esserman

So, I received Sunil's AGC kit (back in production now) today.  Anyone know how to hook the thing up to a V3 ubitx while I heat the dummy load until we resolve the issues.  Actually it's one good receiver, looking forward to getting the AGC onboard.


Nick VK4PP

just a note to anyone still looking for the ND6T AGC, I have plenty of through hole boards:

73 Nick VK4PP.

Wayne Leake

 I don't have a kit to sell.
 I have a kit, but no board.
 I was thinking making it on some perf board.
 I found a circuit, same idea, but it is two part and controls both the first IF stage and the RF amp.
 This is what I want to do.
 It is also an LED graph meter, which I don't really need as I had a bar graph meter that came with the parts kits.
 I was going to post it on one or more of the groups I am on. I may well need to buy  more parts.
 seems like I always find the need for some more parts.
 I can build the AGC setup, will breadboard it first.

 Wayne WA2YNE