Anyone with a Raduino for the uBITX version3 for sale?


Hello all
How can I get a new raduino for my uBITX version 3. I'm almost sure the one I received from India is stuffed and I don't think they sell it separately.
Perhaps Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE can let me now things to test on the board.
The condition is it has the 4k7 resister across the blue and green digital connection, but it goes into CW TX as soon as it's booted. I've tried removing the raduino from the radio and it's the same condition. Tried reloading the sketch, same issue.
Any help will be much appreciated.
Kind Regards
Rodger - ZL1RAH

Malcolm <ei8fh@...>

Hi Rodger,
I have attached a screenshot of an email I received from hfsignals.
$35 US for a replacement Raduino board. 
Regards, Malcolm EI8FH 

Daniel Conklin <danconklin2@...>

Roger, it sounds like you may have the resistor wired wrong. See this page :

Dennis Yancey <bigbluedry@...>

There are several replacement boards on here. You will have to solder them up. Jim Sheldon has a good one on here, VF4PLN has a direct replacement that uses Adafruit si5351 board. You could make your own. VK2ETA, John has a wonderful diagnostic piece of software for the Raduino. You have plenty of options and lots of wonderful people to help you. 


Hello Daniel
I have pulled the blue and green wires from the plug and soldered the 4k7 resistor to the raduino board, and it still does the same thing.
It does this when I don't have 12v to radio - with the usb plugged into a PC and when I give it 12v.
This is very strange!

Kind Regards
Rodger - ZL1RAH

Richard E Neese <kb3vgw@...>

look at the wa6isp board it is a better replacement RaduinoX its worth it .

Paul Galburt - K2AYZ

Hi, Dennis,

Do you have a link for the VF4PLN board?


Paul K2AYZ

Gary Anderson

Hi Rodger,
Your situation fits a classic Electrical Over Stress signature, which seems to be occurring often on these Raduinos.
I don't know how the were handled up to and including the recipient. Mine wasn't shipped in ESD protective packaging. :(

First thing you should do is read/dump out of the stored settings/data in the EEPROM.
You most likely will want the calibration data to lessen future headache.
One way to do this is to load IAN's firmware and use the BITX manager software to read the data.
Alternately, you can write a sketch to read EEPROM and print to a console / save the output.

It's not too hard to remove the Arduino NANO and replace with another one.  Much cheaper than buying another Raduino. 
Nanos from China are in the $3 USD range.  Many threads on BITX20 on 'how-to' replace the Nano.

If you are wanting to move forward right now, you can comment out the CW read pin section in the sketch (no CW) or use the unused A7 pin for  the keyer. (I _think_ that's the purple wire on the 'digital' pigtail)

Many good choices to 'upgrade' the micro-controller, but I would get my stock configuration BITX working first.

I know this reply is vague, if you need / would like future coaching, there are many here to help.
I will do my best to answer any questions.


Nick VK4PP

HI Roger.
If you don't come right with your original Raduino, I can supply you with one of my RaduinoI2c boards ready made and loaded with KD8CEC firmware...

Email me for further info, or check out my blog,

73 Nick VK4PLN