AGC manual rf gain versus KD8CEC ATT rf gain software

Gary Hanson

While waiting for my Nextion display to arrive, I completed the AGC kit and was considering whether to add the manual RF gain as suggested by Don, ND6T. I also plan to upload the KD8CEC firmware and noted it has the ATT software RF gain control. Am I right to assume that I do not need to do both?

The manual Rf gain limits the signal at the front end and the ATT software shifts the signal in the filter. Any advantage of one over the other? If they both accomplish the same goal, then it comes down to twisting a variable pot knob versus using a touch screen slider.

Gary Hanson, KJ5VW


Gary, after listening with AGC does it seem you still need manual RF gain control? I'm happy with AGC only. I would recommend the S meter connection off the AGC board and KD8CEC software though.